Chilean Company of Fruit is a fruit grower-exporter company founded in 2010 by a group of growers with the aim of joining forces to export fruit, mainly kiwis, cherries, apples and the last year blueberries also, promoting the opening-up to new markets to make chilean fruit can become known worldwide.

With a total of 500 hectares of fruit growing located in the Maule Region, the exportable capacity reaches 40,000 boxes of cherries, 350,000 boxes of kiwis and 300,000 boxes of apples. Our farms are certificated by Globalgap so they can meet the highest quality standards throughout the world.

We are currently exporting mainly to Colombia, Argentina, United States, Russia, Italy, Spain, Holland, England, Portugal, and some countries in Asia.


The mission of CCF is to be a leading Company in the international market, providing high quality fruit and excellent service. For that, CCF produces, packs, transports and markets its fruit using systems that fulfill the highest standards of the fruit market, respecting its commitment with suppliers and clients.


Our goal is to provide a product and service that meet the international market requirements and therefore be able to make a big impact on the market with the Chilean fruit.


CCF wishes to be well-known as a high quality Company; to expand its market share and to fulfill the requirements of a demanding and dynamic market, continuously innovating and training its human capital.